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safelistSafelist marketing is probably the best advertising platform for those who have just started out and want to give a kick start to their online business. You will get traffic to your site immediately, you can get thousands of visitors a day. Safelists offer you unlimited customers, new people join them everyday they are very targeted leads. The thousands of people that join them everyday are opportunity seekers and other webmasters, these people look to buy products and services.

What is a Safelist?

A safelist is an advertising platform (basically free to join) dedicated to helping its members advertise their own websites and offers based on a credit system. You receive credits for viewing others websites and can exchange these credits to promote your sites. Safelists deliver your offers via email whereas Traffic Exchanges deliver your offers via web browser. Usually you can only send your ads, once or twice a week as a free member, upgraded members can usually send more often and to more people.

How to get maximum result with safelist?

Simple. DON’T SELL. Because, everyone is joining a safelist because they want to sell something, then who on earth is going to buy? At the same time … usually safelists are full of people wanting to make money online, so this is pretty targeted if you’re trying to reach those people by offering some value in exchange of their email address.

You can use the Safelist system to invite people to learn about the VALUE you offer them. All they have to do is join your mailing list. And you have much better chance of GIVING something through a mailing list than you do of SELLING something directly.

***NOTE: Set up a separate gmail address from your primary address to use in safelist advertising, so you don’t flood your primary address with tons of promotional messages from other safelist members.

What Safelist Strategy Should You Use? I don’t recommend to use more than 8 – 10 Safelists because more than this would consume more of your valuable time and difficult to manage at beginning stage. Here are a few I’ve been using that seem pretty RESPONSIVE.

1. SOTAM is more than just a mailer providing superior click rates. Free members can mail up to 3,000 list in every 5 days and add one 468×60 banner on their “Time-Bonus-Ad” section (the banner will display on their network of websites and blogs). The advantages of being an upgraded member are huge.

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2. Herculist is the one of my favorite safelist mailer. The system is very simple. Join for free and submit your ad to the Herculist database. As an free member you can post your advertisement to 1000 random Herculist members EVERY day! Pro Members get additional benefits – can post every 24 hours to 73,855 Members!

Leads, Leads, Leads!

3. Email-Hog is an another high click rate mailer. It comes with a lot of more features as just sending E-mails. They offers at least 2% CTR’S or get your credits back! Get $100 in free advertising just for joining.

4. LeadMagnet is a great and responsive mailer. Send email to targeted list in every 3 days for free.

5. Adchiever is bit different than other viral mailer. Not only is adchiever credit based but they also have an extremely generous loyalty rewards program that will give you greater and greater rewards just for being an active user. The more you use adchiever, the more free advertising you get.

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6. Bweeble is an easy-to-use list builder that allows free users to send out email ads to 1000s of home-based marketers every few days.

7. Unlike other list builders, List Adventure rewards you for building your business! The more activity points you earn, the higher your level will be and the more free credits will be added to every email you send out!

8. EuropianSafelist is free to join and gives you 25000 start credits and 500 monthly credits. As a free member you can send your ads to all free members.


9. Receive 1500 credit on free signup TWE-Safelist. Send out credit based email on every 3 days to their whole list.

10. Free MisterSafelist members can access their credit based mailer to send text or html ads in every 5 Days. You’ll receive 1,000 credits for free when you join!

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