Traffic Exchange Marketing

teWhat is a Traffic Exchange?

A traffic exchanges is an advertising platform where users receive credits for viewing other members websites in exchange for views of their own offers. Most of TEs give you free credits for signing up and surfing usually around 25 sites to completely activate your account.

How does it work?

You view others websites for a few second to earn credits. The credits are then used to show others your website in the same way as you earned your credits. Traffic exchanges are free to join and use, with optional pro upgrades, or you can purchase credit packages to advertise your banners, links, and text ads.

How to use TEs for Maximum results?

Generally Traffic Exchange users are less responsive. In any case, if you are using a traffic exchange, you can take advantage of the short attention span of the typical user. They don’t want to be on the site for long, because time is credits. TE user want to generate as much as credit in less time and that makes them more active rather than more responsive. That does not means promoting in TEs is a wast of time!

You can get good results if you know how to do it…

Think about it this way, all members of traffic exchanges are trying to make money online..You can not get any more targeted traffic than this! If you promote a capture page with a offer to them, that gives them a solution to their money making problems, they will join your list, and they will buy from you.


Here Are Few Top Traffic Exchanges I Feel Are The Best In Our Industry:

1. Easyhits4u is more than a simple traffic exchange and my #1 choice. It offers few advance features that definitely help internet marketers to promote their ads more effectively. Like, 1:1 surfing ratio, Free Splash builder & rotator, allow to connect and share with other members and more.
The Best Traffic Exchange

2. TrafficAdBar is a great way to get FREE website traffic. They use a “real time tracker” that allows you to see who visit your site in real time. They have few other great features makes them unique and powerful.

3. Hit2Hit is the no.1 ranked manual TE according TE Hoopla. 6 second timer, 2:1 surf ratio for free members.

4. PowerSurfCentral is a central reward program for HitSafari, Soaring4Traffic, and RealHitz4u surfers. Powerful system designed to reward members for their surfing activity while also providing resources to help expand their business strategies. Surfing bonus given on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

5. TrafficSwirl consistently providing new unique ways for their members to promote their offers. They provides very low cost website traffic advertising to your website, blog, or social media accounts. Grow virally and generate leads with guaranteed real human views.

6. FroggyHits – Dynamic Surf Ratio Starting at 2:1 Surf Ratio For Free Members, Cash and Credit prizes in the rotation daily, Active Surfer Awards.

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